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How to Find the Best Plumbing Services Provider in London

If you live in London or any of the suburbs of the metropolis, you will have occasions to call up the services of a plumber. Depending on how old the construction of your house is, there will be some leaking tap somewhere or a blocked gutter. The shower may not be functioning or the radiator may want fixing. The challenge is to enlist the services of the right professional agency offering the entire gamut of services. You may not want to be calling up different companies to undertake repair work of a different nature. What are those parameters you should be looking for in an ideal plumber or plumbing services agency?

The Scope of Services You May Require

You must first be familiar with the range of services the plumbing services company can offer. In other words, which are the areas in your house that can develop problems that would need the services of a plumber? The list is indeed pretty long.

The Bathroom: You can have leaking taps or blocked drainage or the shower not working.

Gutters: Can have blockages; may need to be removed and replaced

The Toilet: Repair /replacement

The Kitchen: Leaking taps, sink, gas pipe leaks and so on.

These are just a few of the areas. There can be a problem with the heating system or the hot water cylinder. If you have an electric shower, it should be prevented from any problem. If the shower has an electricity leak or shorting, you may face the risk of being electrocuted when the water flows through it.

The broad picture is that the plumber will have his hands full when attending to any of these problems. Your quest will be to find a plumber with the skills to offer quick repair services as well as the ability to handle new installation and replacement of the old fixtures.

The Other Related Repair Jobs

Downpipe is another job that can come up. You will want the plumber to clean it and fix any leaks. If you have outside taps like in the garden or the lawns, a plumber has to be called in to attend them if they have issues. You may need them to attend the whole range of jobs, from installing to repairing.

How about the radiators? Do you need replacing or new installation of radiators? The plumber will be ready to carry them out.

If your house is in a low-lying area and prone to flooding, you can call in the plumber to look into it. They can come up with solutions to prevent flooding by creating avenues for excess water to drain. 

The Aspects to Look for in a Good Plumber

There can be several attributes you would want in the ideal plumber. Within the limited perspective of requirements for plumbing activities in a typical London house, you can narrow these down to a few.

Professional competency: You would want to check if the plumber has the necessary qualification and experience to handle the plumbing jobs you assign him.

Certification or Recognition: There are trade certification bodies that evaluate the capabilities of different trades and certify them according to their calibre. An efficient plumber or plumbing service agency would have demonstrated their proficiency in the trade and obtained the certification. This takes care of many other efforts you have to make to know if the plumber is good or not.

Chartered Institute of Plumbing Heating and Engineering (CIPHE), for example, is the relevant organisation in the UK. If the plumbing services agency is a member of CIPHE, you can take comfort in the fact that you will be dealing with a recognised plumber.

If the work in your house is related to gas pipelines or the heating system, then there are bodies like Gas Safe and Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) which do the certification.

Technologically Equipped: Like every field of activity, plumbing has also seen changes over the decades. Modern equipment and tools have emerged. These cut down the time takes to fix plumbing issues and save on costs as well.

Years in the line of business: If your plumber has been offering these services in the same area for many years now, you will know he is a good one. Any service provider can only stay on in the business if they consistently offer reliable services to their customers. You should place yourself in the shoes of the average customer and understand that if you are provided poor services, you will never call up that agency again. So, longevity in the business is a sign of their ability to provide satisfactory services.

There is another advantage with a plumber in the locality with considerable years of experience. They will be familiar with the local conditions, the way the water flow behaves. When it comes to flooding and areas like the gutter, they can quickly assess the situation and get down to rectifying the problem.

Quick to respond: When you have a leaking pipe or a sink, you would want your plumber to attend to it without any delay. If you plumber gas a 24-hour callout facility, you must give them the priority.

Cost of service: Plumbing services do cost a lot. Either it is the demand-supply issue or the trade has developed in such a way that you should be prepared to pay for these services. Many plumbers may offer hourly rates like £75 to £90 per hour. You should try and avoid them. Find out if you can get plumbers that quote for the job instead. Their charges should be reasonable. is a reputed and reliable company that can handle all your plumbing needs. Apart from charging reasonable rates, we also offer a 12-month guarantee on our work, labour and parts.